Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Imperial Guard

Right so it's been a while but here is the first update for the Imperial Guard Tanks commission. We start of with the Hydras from FW which are able to detach so the medusa cannon can go in it's place whenever it is needed. So here are a few pic's of some work on the Hydra kits and on one of the tanks.

 Just a few more bits on the tank and tidying up those lines and then the first tank is all done. Also here is a few pic's of how the Hydra guns looked when they cam through the post.

Boiling water for the win!!!!!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

"The Time of the Elves is Over"

Yea back from my weekend break of boredom and straight into the painting chair. We have come to the end of the Elves commissions and what a great commission with such awesome models, really enjoyed painting these guys and would hope to do some more, but not for awhile (need a break from gold) So without further ado some pic's, please note that more group shots will follow later.

Friday, 1 June 2012

More Elves

So after a week of just such hot weather painting progress has been slow and tedious and now the cold weather is back and i'm off for the weekend typical. But none the less some painting has happened and another 3 Haldir Elves are finished and this time some of the swordsmen, pic's !!