Sunday, 7 October 2012

Award wining model.

Ok so it's been awhile since my last update, but the wait is over and now my first win at a painting competition, not bad seeing as i have only ever a few and two of those have been Golden Daemon.

Anyway with a kit bashed model and a week to paint it in the race was one and when the day came the model was finished and based to a standard that won the painting competition.

So without further a due here are some pic's of my wining model, my Word Bearers Chaos Lord now on eBay.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Golden Daemon

Ok so after a good day at Games Day and Golden Daemon we now have my two entries to show off to the world even though neither of them placed, so better luck next year. However after spending some time over at the forge world till and then over at forge world studio i managed to grab my self an Angron and see some amazing new models to come, including some new Necron and some awesome stuff from Warhammer Forge.

But enough about that here are some photos of my two Golden Daemon entries now on eBay.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Update on all workings !!!

Ok so after the tank commission there haven't been any updates, but i have been working my ass off painting and modelling all sorts of miniatures like the Dark Vengeance and all sorts of chaos stuff for eBay.

So a long time a go in a gax.... ahhh nuts to it, i have a lot of Forge World Nurgle stuff which i bought a long time ago, stuff like Dreads, Marines and Termies plus the awesome Sorcerer and maybe the Plague-hulk and the big Nurgle daemon. So these guys have been sat in my cabinet collecting dust, so i thought with the new Dark Vengeance box is out and i intend to put most of it on eBay, i thought that the Nurgle stuff might as well go on as well.

So first up the Dreads the Nurgle and the Deathguard Dreads done and on eBay along with the Sorcerer, the Nurgle went up first selling very well and now it's time for the next Dread and the Sorcerer which will be up to night. So here are some pic's enjoy.

Right this is going to be a long post. Ok so next is the Dark Vengeance box set which is amazing, stunning models across the whole set, i won't go into it to far but i love them all. Anyway first up the Chaos, Dark Angels will come when the new codex is out. So we have the Chaos lord who's name i have forgotten, but anyway great model to paint, however i feel i rushed this guy a bit much so i bought another one which i will post up later, but for now the one i did paint and sold on eBay.

Next is the Chosen champion which i made the mistake of thinking he was another character, so we will go up again when i have the rest of the chosen finished, which they are well on the way as well as the Hellbrute.

Ok so we are getting there, so now my Golden Daemon entry, seeing as i can only get this guy done in time. So he is almost there a few bits here and there and then he is good to go.

And lastly a quick WIP of some Chaos Marines for a long term project.

Check out the Whats on the Desk box for upcoming models !!!!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Dakka Dakka Bang Bang

Right so after a week away from painting i'm back and ready for more. First up we have the Imperial Guard Hydra - Medusa combo, Now fully finished with details and fully interchangeable weapons. So here are the photos of them all together.

Coming soon Golden Daemon entries, maybe i can finish one or two in time !