Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pushing the boat out !!!!

Ok so i have always wanted to expand my knowledge of painting and to further my painting skills, plus i have always want to paint other miniatures other than GW. So to kill two birds with one stone i have a look around a website called Arcane Miniatures which is loaded with all sorts of different toy soldiers fantasy and sci-fi alike. So after a good look i bought myself Morphus the Chaos Lord from Enigma, which i have to say is a stunning model and i will differently be buying a couple more miniatures from them in the not to distant future. To expand my knowledge of painting i bought myself the Masterclass book form GW and spent a lot of time on a website called Massive Voodoo which has been a great help and a good source of inspiration. So after combining all both sources and my new miniature i was off, and i must say it has been fun and a little bit frustrating, but i kept going most of the night and i came to a point where i kinda needed sleep.  The model is still WIP but coming along nicely, so without further ado here are some WIP shots enjoy !!

More photos coming after the weekend as i am at a tournament.

Blood Angels Death Company Dreadnought

Right so after having this guy sat on my desk for a very long time, i thought it would be a good idea to finish him off and whack him on eBay. So without further ado here are some pic's enjoy!!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Grey Knights finished !!

Ok so after a few weeks of painting Grey Knights 10 Grey Knight Marines with a Grey Knight Dreadnought have been finished and is ready to be shipped off down under. Pic time !!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Quick Update Grey Knights

Ok so after drooling over the new Necron Codex and models, i quickly got back to the Grey Knights and after a few days of steady painting they are now getting close to being finished yea!!! Ok on to the pic's, Excuse the quality of the photos as my camera is now dead and i had to take these with my Iphone.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Commission updates

Ok so here is an update for two commissions at once, fun fun. Ok so first we have the Grey Knights, with some pic's of the Dreadnought and the other five marines.

Next we have the first prototype of the Gaunts for the Nids, with magnetised arms for switch from a termagant and homogaunt .